Ambassador visit

Irish Echo Ambassador

The organizing committee for Ambassador Andersonís reception on Saturday August 30th is pleased to advise that this is now a SOLD OUT event!
We are very pleased with the response from our community who are interested in the promotion of Irish Culture in the valley and the building of our own Irish Cultural Center. Thank you to everyone who is attending and responded.

Ambassador Anderson will also be attending the Hooley on the Hudson(tm) on Sunday August 31st as well, and she will be making some remarks at a dedication ceremony at the ICCHV site at 32 Abeel Street at 10:45 AM.
The Ambassador will also speak at the Opening Ceremonies for the Hooley on the Hudson(tm), which starts with our Parade of Dignitaries at 11:30 AM.

Please make every effort to attend the Hooley on the Hudson(tm) and have a grand time.