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"I Remember It Well

  A personal journey from Ireland and back again by Breda Mannix McMahon
Breda is a native of Tralee, County Kerry and has resided for many years in Kingston, NY. 
She is an active member of the Ulster County, NY LAOH.

Book is $15, including shipping.

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"I Remember It Well" by Breda Mannix McMahon

"I Remember It Well" by Breda Mannix McMahon "Once upon a time, in a tiny spot on a far away green isle, a place so small it was called Baile Beagan, meaning small village, a little girl was born. She was like a little doll with dark hair and blue green eyes. Her father was a giant of a man, a cobbler, and her mother a beautiful woman, a country lass raised on the wild southwest coast of Ireland."