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Growing up in Northern Ireland in a large family, Finn Mulvey had seen her fair share of life in the raw. A runaway at fourteen, she is caught and brought back to the place she detests. Her home is ruled by a cold, uncaring mother who treats her daughters with a cruel indifference. Finn meets and falls in love with Paul, her brothers friend, but because of religious differences, their relationship has to be kept secret. When a peaceful civil rights march erupts in violence in a city already consumed by segregation and hate, the only way out is for them to run for their lives. It will take a miracle, a courtroom and sheer determination for them to be finally free.

Phillipa Eagan is married to our Brother Frank Egan and is from Derry, Ireland

Her book is available on Amazon for $14.50 and also available for Kindle




"I Remember It Well

  A personal journey from Ireland and back again by Breda Mannix McMahon
Breda is a native of Tralee, County Kerry and has resided for many years in Kingston, NY. 
She is an active member of the Ulster County, NY LAOH.

Book is $15, including shipping.

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"I Remember It Well" by Breda Mannix McMahon

"I Remember It Well" by Breda Mannix McMahon "Once upon a time, in a tiny spot on a far away green isle, a place so small it was called Baile Beagan, meaning small village, a little girl was born. She was like a little doll with dark hair and blue green eyes. Her father was a giant of a man, a cobbler, and her mother a beautiful woman, a country lass raised on the wild southwest coast of Ireland."